Upcoming Triangle Food Events 2011

This is you: “Sigh. I never know about the cool upcoming food events in the Triangle. I wish someone I trusted would sift through all the lame stuff and tell me about the neatest food events happening in Orange, Chatham, Durham and Wake Counties”.

This is me: “Hey!! Have you clicked on the link above this text that says Upcoming Triangle Food Events 2011? Vic Pop updates that list all the time. Vic Pop wants to make sure you know about all the best food happenings ’cause I care about you and your pursuit of good food and booze.”

You: “Coooooo-uuuul. Thanks Vic Pop. I didn’t know that Neal’s Deli is celebrating their third anniversary tomorrow with buy one get one free biscuits from 7:30-10:30am! OH! I can attend a fermentation and Kombucha-making workshop at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe this Sunday? Johnny’s is having a pig pickin’ on the 30th? And holy mole! Before I saw the Vic Pop Upcoming Triangle Food Events 2011 calendar, I was just going to go to a random Mexican restaurant for free tortilla chips and watery beer on Cinco de Mayo, but now I’m all over that awesome tasting at Sip…a wine store of the New Holland release, El Mole Ocho Mexican Spiced Ale, featuring a a feast of Mole-drenched veggies and chicken for just $7.”

This is me: “Oh, you. Anything for a pal.”

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One Response to Upcoming Triangle Food Events 2011

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Like the site.

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